About Me

I am a 3rd year student in the development stream of International Studies, but although my degree suggests a global outlook, my heart and interests lie here at home in our beautiful Saskatoon community. I am currently involved with community-building initiatives such as a locally-based garlic self-sufficiency project, a free tap water station, National Youth Arts Week, and establishing a Public Interest Research Group on campus. My interests range from social issues such as transit accessibility, food sovereignty, urban gardening, and Saskatchewan’s northern communities, to social events like potlucks, house concerts, camping, and copious amounts of soccer.

I feel honoured and privileged to study here at the UofS, but I also recognize that we are going through some rocky times with the challenge of the looming deficit. Students are a big part of the campus community, but I do not feel we have been adequately included in many important decisions that will have long lasting effects at the University. In general I feel that there needs to be more dialogue, and more meaningful dialogue, between decision makers and the student body. I also think that we could do more to foster a stronger student body community, so that we all feel that we have more to gain from school than just a degree. I believe that post-secondary education can and should be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless of their background.

Look for my rainbow jacket in the halls and let me know what you think about the current situation of our college and campus. I can be pretty awkward, and often respond to greetings with the wrong words, but if you can get over that I’m down to chat and love listening.


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