Council Meeting #1

12 september 2013

Our first meeting of the 2013 year took place this evening. All councilors and executive members were present, what a stellar way to start off our attendance record. Since things are just getting started, not much happened tonight. The new councilors (myself included) are still getting used to Robert’s Rules of Order (Thank you Mr. Chair…) and otherwise, not much business was needing attending. We spoke briefly about the different committees that council members can sit on, and we will hold elections for those positions next week.

The USSU General Manager, Caroline Cottrell, gave us all a report on the Louis’ Loft renovations (the newly painted walls will match any and all weddings) as well at the USSU buildings receiving LEED Silver certification (we bought a carbon credit to offset our one point deficit because we don’t have a shower, for all the sweaty cyclists who need it). Still getting used to the blogging sphere, so any feedback is definitely welcome! Minutes from the meeting will be posted next week after we have approved them at the next council meeting.


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